Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Land Vomits

Lava flow - photo by Linda Bruce

There is a set limit to the sin of a nation and then the land itself is defiled, to the point - "it will vomit you out as it vomited out the nations that were before you." Lev. 18:28
America is walking in that path & may get itself vomited soon. It's not politically correct around here (or anywhere for that matter) to suggest such a thing, but that is precisely what happened in Hawaii, and, in Mexico, South America and many other places as well. History is full of people getting vomited out of their lands. Sin defiles. There are consequences.

Our bodies are a parallel or parable for that. We can take only so much crap into ourselves before we chuck it (sorry Chuck); get sick; go to the doctor. Actually we can go for quite a few years before the old system starts shutting down, backing up or causing a whole lot of trouble for us. And, there's a spiritual allegory here too. Aging, we start to show in our faces as well as our bodies the effects of our lifestyle mistakes (sin), besides just darn getting old. We're all terminal and will eventually die (physically), but some things can be prevented/repented of, and there is hope for eternity.

On a personal note, what am I doing to cause my body grief? For a number of years I had an anger problem and, had I continued on that particular path, would no doubt have some nasty physical consequence trailing along behind. Notice I say "had", however, I really blew it the other day. Totally lost my temper at our neighbor. Believe I've about got what it takes to apologize now.
Also, I need to stop obsessing about petty annoyances, like quads and helicopters. Instead, commit to using them as an opportunity for prayer.


  1. The Great God of the Sky created the tree with its roots, so strong. The wise God of the Earth is standing in the river, He is sitting in the tree, and He guides the roots. He keeps the branches, and he knows the leaves. Roots are holding the earth. Roots dig deep, sometimes grabbing rocks and piercing stone to find water. He created the moss, so soft and feather like, the moss holds the drops of dew. His words are like a song, and He sang one note, and the rain fell. Did you see the leaves on the moss?
    Did you see the way the leaves fall down on the green pillows, and the rocks, and the black soil? The leaves are green, and yellow and brown. The tree has a few scars, lichen, fallen branches, mud, mildew, and bugs,
    But the tree has been standing for 40 or 50 years, the winds have blown, lightening struck, earthquakes shook, but it is still there, hiding in the Rock.

  2. Thank you, good poem submission for this week.