Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fresh Grease

I went to see Grease last night, never having seen the movie, or another production of the musical, and accompanied by a group of women, only one of whom I knew. Turned out well though. We had dinner first and by the time we finished they felt like a bunch of friends.

The main theme of the show seemed to be - the rebel kids are cool - and it's dumb to "just say no". Great message for high schoolers....NOT. But, if we can put all that aside, I will say their performances, the music, singing (super voices) and dancing were terrific. The acting was very good as well and the set creatively designed. What a talented group they got together for this show. And, as per usual, great directing!

I guess it's comparable to a lot of songs you might hear on the radio, where the lyrics stink or don't really say anything at all, but the music and recording are super. Or, some ads that are so clever and well-done you forget they're just trying to sell you something. Sometimes ads are better than the show they appear on. THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT...da da da da!

Is there a parable here? I don't know. You tell me.

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