Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Why A Blog?

In September of last year I wrote an entry in my journal, which was the source of this blog's title - Standing Straight - now we're standing straighter. I'm going to post that today, just so you know where the name came from.

I was interested to learn about the "Alexander" method for correcting posture, and still mean to work more on that. I made a few appointments with a facilitator to be introduced to the technique. What a good reminder it was - that our bodies were designed with an optimum alignment of muscles and bones to function at their best when we are standing straight, in a correct manner. A wonderful creation, we are a perfect parable for the spiritual body.

Whilst she is explaining things, the teacher incorporates the theory that all spiritual philosophical paths are equal, saying the same thing, basically. She tries to control it, but is obviously angry when I stop the lecture and compare this idea to stating that 2+2=5 is as valid an equation as any other. Objective truth should apply in all departments of life.

When our lives are aligned with God's standard in every way, reflecting his truth and plan, then Jesus will be most clearly seen in us. That's what I want - for others to see Christ in me.
My goal for this blog is that I might use the opportunity technology affords to give an account of the hope that is in me.

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