Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Anniversary Thoughts

Looks like someone took a bite before I could take a picture.
This weekend we spent in Honolulu, celebrating our 43rd - yes, believe it or not - anniversary. We often go back to the scene of the crime - where we were married, all those years ago. Though island hopping is getting more expensive every year. Maybe next time on the Superferry!

Possibly by then it will be going to the Big Island?? If the environmental protesters (Could they be working in concert with Young Bros. Shipping or Matson Navigation - to prevent competition?) don't again interrupt service and block expansion. With all the ships and barges we have going back and forth between the islands (we are an island community after all, dependent on either air or sea for moving stuff around) for years and years, I still can't believe the stupidity. But, don't get me started on that rant.

I was going to mention bringing along a copy of The Shack, for reading while away. I must say, contrary to expectations and some of the reviews, it was a good read. A rather beautiful and creative meditation on the Trinity, the nature of faith, forgiveness and the love of God. I can see, though, where the controversy comes from. Missing is any mention of Satan (but possibly excusable as not being the subject), of hell or of God's righteous coming judgment on the wicked. Sin was only mentioned as being a punishment in and of itself. Also, the Trinity, in the part of a discussion on authority, speaks of the equality of the three persons. However, Jesus says "...for the Father is greater than I." As well, we are to be submitted to one another, but in obedience to God's authority - a thread repeated throughout Scripture. As, for instance, "He who does not love me will not obey my teaching." So no, it is not a complete treatise on truth, but an insightful devotional, bound to open up your comprehension of who God is - of the possibilities within that mystery. And, like most of us, including some teachers who seem to believe they are, the author is not right in everything he has to say.

This morning, speaking of truth, along with the source, in 2 Kings 18, I was able to infer that the King of Assyria was not doing God's will as he claimed, because the message he delivered to the people of Jerusalem had the clear handwriting of Satan. As it both begins and continues with lies, we can recognize his native language. And, we shouldn't be surprised when our popular culture - including even some of Christianity - doesn't accept the truth. "The Spirit of Truth. The world cannot accept him, because it neither sees him nor knows him."

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