Saturday, September 27, 2008

Get Out of That Shell

This morning I was reading in Esther and noted how the relationship of King Xerxes and his friend, Haman, is illustrative of the danger in trusting men (or women) with your decision-making, or to do your thinking for you. Mental laziness can have disastrous consequences. Not that we can't delegate, but it should entail a pretty good understanding of the character of our delegate. Though, trust goes both ways, as today's Proverb reminds: "He who takes crooked paths will be found out." Proverbs 10:9b

I was talking to my friend, Linda, today about how we can be like turtles, hiding inside our shells, thinking we're safe from what's going on in the world around us. I'd mentioned that watching the presidential debates made me run into the other room. Just too nerve-racking. Didn't want to hear it, all that contradictory controversy. Especially all the stupid remarks I wouldn't agree with, but couldn't set them straight because they wouldn't hear me yelling. So, in that sense, I guess I was behaving in a turtle-like manner.

Esther could have hidden away in her posh palace, hoping to escape the coming planned genocide, but she stuck her neck out of that comfortable shell and confronted the enemy. Invited him to dinner right on her own turf, and defeated the wicked dude. Read the whole story here.

In case you were wondering about the photo - it's my attempt at mosaic art - and the turtle has her neck out too.


  1. and yet another 6th today. So maybe this one will finally get through to you. I love the photo of the turtle, turned out quite nicely. And the good Lord knows sometimes it's much easier to stay inside our shell and look the other way than deal.....know what I mean?

  2. Thank you for persevering - you did get thru. Another thing I've noticed about shells. You can be in there looking out and still not be convinced of the necessity to exit.

  3. It sure is a serious matter trusting others with your decision making! I also find it grueling listening to the debates but I love the story of Esther.
    I'm finally sipping a little Lemon Mede this evening, thanks...hmm..a spicy lemon aftertaste... Feels like it's sneaking up on me! Cheers-

  4. Hi Claudia thanks for visiting my site. I like your mix of posts too. Love the mosaic. There are some fabulous mosaics at Lourdes. After I visited Spain I came home wanting to make mosaics. Haven't managed to do any yet;)