Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It Ain't Easy

Not all of God's little creatures are created equal in the beauty or even cuteness sphere. Hard to love a toad and these Buffos (apparently named for their deep voice) are particularly ugly. Will kill your dog if he's dingy enough to try eating one. See, he's thinking, if I'm real quiet she won't notice me and I'll be ok. Myself, I'd really like all the toads to migrate to someone else's pond.

People are that way, haven't you noticed? Not all easy to love. And yet, believers are told,
"love your neighbor as yourself."
Lev. 19:18 - the first of many injunctions to love. After all, we are to model ourselves after the One who is perfect in love, whose love is unfailing. Exodus 15:13
"And, over all these virtues put on love."
It's a choice and an action verb.

Much of Christianity is this call to do the uneasy. To forgive what feels unforgivable. We are told to give to the undeserving poor; pray for those wicked liars who malign, persecute or mistreat us; (Matthew 5:44 & Luke 6:28, etc.) and look after widows, even the scheming, greedy and manipulative ones, and their lazy, drug-addicted sons of almost 40 years, emasculated over-grown orphans? I draw the line there, over the age of 18. Does it sound as though I have someone in mind? God sure uses the folks we come in contact with to teach us valuable lessons.

We are not told to pray for or give only to those we deem worthy, but to pray for those who curse and mistreat you, and give to the poor. The Church "widow's roll" is a different matter. 1 Tim. 5:8-9 & 16. That is for those who don't have family, but the same principle applies - they're not always that appealing or deserving. Before salvation, so were many of us, wicked and undeserving. I am still unworthy. In Christ I now have the righteousness of God.


  1. toads eat bugs...they are ugly but at least they have a job.

  2. Nice- "And, over all these virtues put on love." It's a choice and an action verb."
    The toad picture cute... I love your photos!

    I'm reminded of 1 Jn. 4: 19 "We love, because He first loved us."
    It's amazing how much gratefulness has to do with everything. If your grateful, then you can't remain a victim too. Hmm?

  3. Thanks Gina. And Sunny, I know, I know they're so good for the garden. But, they over-procreate and are very noisy.