Saturday, December 13, 2008

God's Little Fruitcakes

I didn't make one this year.
There is a recipe for fruitcake here (if you click on it), but I'm not making one. I'm convinced we're all God's little fruitcakes - the world just chock full of fruits and nuts. And, aren't we all special? Each one of us an individual mix; which is why he gave us his recipe for success (we're really stretching the metaphor here, I know - my idea of a Holiday inspired post.) I think it's the contrasts of flavor and texture in fruitcake we enjoy - or don't. Some people just make jokes about it.

Did you ever wonder why he put so many contrasts in Scripture? Why all the light versus dark, good and evil, the wise and the foolish, life and death, truth versus the lies of the enemy, the righteous as against the wicked? Then, of course, the final contrast of heaven and hell. Isn't life supposed to be, like full of gray areas? But, since God says otherwise, guess what? It's not. He put all those contrasts in, over and over, so that it would sink in. So that we would wake up and get the picture.
"He who is not with me is against me." Matthew 12:30
We have an enemy and a Savior. There is right and wrong. Reality is not subjective.
"Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve" Joshua 24:15
The world would have us mush out and gray down all those contrasts, even though God's word is really clear about black and white - because life is not a balance scale, held by some goddess of mercy, weighing out good deeds as against bad - it is by grace alone we are saved; by clinging to a merciful Savior.
"With your right hand you save me." Psalm 138:7c
Meanwhile the fruitcake left from last year just got tossed from its neglected place at the back of the refrigerator - taking up valuable space; which is why I didn't get around to making any this year. I enjoy fruitcake, but not enough to eat it all myself.


  1. some people are nuttier than others:-)

  2. I guess that's part of what makes the world such an interesting place.

    Check this out...
    I'm hungry!
    This cake looks delicious and yes, we are certainly an assortment of fruity nuts!

  4. Gina - what a strange video! I think there's a parable in it though. I need to give it some deep thought.