Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Ark Goes On

My granddaughter sent me an email about Johan's ark. I don't know why I hadn't paid any attention before, as I'm sure I must have read or heard something about it. Anyway, his project is a terrific testament to one man's faith and an excellent witness for the rest of the world. I'm doing a bit of research on how it's currently going and will report here. I have so far read that it is half the size, 1/5 the size, 1/14th the size of the original Biblical ark, so went to the official web site and am able to say, officially, that the ark is half the length of the original and one third the width.

The builder, Johan Huibers, is now working on the construction of a full size replica, which will travel the world. The smaller ark will continue to receive visitors in the various ports of Holland.

This would be a wonderful vacation destination. I want to go.

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