Saturday, April 11, 2009

Good Griefs and Greetings

He Has Risen!
It's the Greek Easter greeting (in Greek of course). I'm supposed to be cleaning my house, but instead, guess what's being done? This. Meanwhile the windows are dirty and the mini-blinds are dusty. Though, I discovered today the origins of "Spring Cleaning" - likely not news to anyone else. It's the Jewish tradition of getting rid of all the chametz in the weeks before Passover. Anything with a possibility of yeast, mold, dust, dirt, etc. etc. All of which are symbolic of the yuck in our spiritual lives - sin in other words. That word no one wants to use anymore.

On another note - get ready for a rant. Observe this packaging. A lovely graphic, the product sounds good, apricot scented deodorant, pure, natural and organic. For sensitive skin. But go ahead, try to get it open. My sensitive skin is turning red. Do they try extra hard thinking up ways to make things difficult for consumers? Just for a laugh? This is similar to the "child-proof" aspirin bottles. Have you ever tried, in the grip of a raging headache, to get the top off one? Or pity the poor arthritis sufferer, with pain in her hands? Hey, and I've yet to meet the child who couldn't get those tops off in nothing flat.

The directions are there, if you can read them. They can be barely made out, tilting it at an angle, standing in good light. It's clear on clear, for easy reading. Then try to do what it says: "to remove dome twist up product." Right, if it only would. Twist, move, get off! I'm going to need my grandson for this. As a PS - I did try twisting from the bottom (at first I was afraid that would just smash deodorant up against the lid dome) so yes, success at last. It wasn't the obvious, and it wasn't clear. Clear directions don't necessarily clarify.

Here's another pet peeve - those labels in shirts made of unfortunate, synthetic, hyper-itchy materials, designed by their manufacturers to torment consumers. On purpose. You can buy a good brand of clothing, soft natural materials in the article, then they double stitch the label in, made totally out of skin irritants. On the right you see what needs to be done - rip, cut or tear them off. I've made holes in the back of a few nice tops, due to impatience. You need a decent seam-ripper. Okay, I'd better get back to getting rid of the chametz so we don't gross everyone out tomorrow with a dirty house.

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