Thursday, April 3, 2008

Get Racked

The guava wine on the right needs to be racked

I have several carboys of wine which need racking at the moment (siphoning off the sediment) and I've been putting it off too long. Such a bother, all that washing up, sanitizing, lugging of heavy bottles, etc., takes some time and effort. But, leaving wine too long on its lees affects the taste negatively. The sediment comes from dead yeasts, and small leavings of the fruit. A little while on it is o.k. for some flavor, but too long, and yuck.

Several of the Old Testament prophets use this image to describe the spiritual state of their people. (Jeremiah 48:11 & Zephaniah 1:12) Junk had accumulated in their lives, contaminants from the dead yeasts of sin, and bad influences from the world around them. What a great analogy. Still applies today. Just look at all the input we can absorb from our culture through movies, T.V., magazines, friends and acquaintances, even family, that taints us spiritually. Then there's the bad habits we sit on, unwilling to let go of, so that our lives might be clarified, i.e. purified. I'm meditating today on what I need to get rid of. I know, some of you are going to say - what about that wine? Maybe so, but hey, Jesus was a wine maker. Then, there's Isaiah 25:6. But, worth considering.....

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