Sunday, June 1, 2008

Random Musings

Today, I have some not necessarily connected thoughts to send out into the blogosphere.

Beginning with the observation that in another 3 months I can be considered for inclusion on the Scum of the Earth Blogroll! Now there's something to hope for. You will all be jealous, I know, should I qualify. Apparently they have been scraped.

How about this: I just read that there has been a motion put forward in the House of Commons to disestablish the Church of England, and the number of that motion is yes, 666. Here's a link to the story.

Next, it occurred to me, reading in Luke 15:7b, that if there is "one sinner who repents" then the other half of the verse is also true - there are an equivalent "ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent." Is it because they only think they're ok like the Pharisees, or is it because they have already repented, and continue to do so when they sin (at least eventually), as did Old Testament patriarchs like Abraham, Deborah, David, Daniel, etc. and New Testament saints such as ourselves? Probably the latter. We were all in that sinner who repents position at one stage. Meaning, of course, habitual sin coupled with unbelief. Because some of us who repented were the modern version of a Pharisee - they need to repent also, and occasionally do. We are washed but need to wash our feet. Is this making any sense?

I am always feeling the impetus to DO something to justify my worthless existence and need to daily remember, it is totally the gift of God and by his grace alone I AM SAVED.

Then, this morning, in Judges 17:6 I was reading that in those days, "everyone did as he saw fit." Isn't that a good description of the New Age or politically correct cultures of our time? Picking and choosing what to believe and what not to believe. Unfortunately, even "Christians" are guilty of this. We have our precious standard in God's Word - from him direct to us - and yet we select out what isn't palatable, as if it's a menu.

In the story of Micah, he is totally a man of today who wants to do the "right" thing. He repents of his theft, then sacrifices to God (along with his mother who is apparently on the same wavelength) by having some idols made for their home, and then finds himself a priest. Hooray, he has "religion" and says to himself, "Now I know that the Lord will be good to me." Isn't it nice? He believes that he can decide the requirements for righteousness, but is either unwilling or too lazy to find out what it is GOD requires of him. He'd rather do his own thing.

Today, the pastor, at a Congregational Evangelical Covenant Church we are presently attending, gave a good sermon from Proverbs on the principles that young people need to be raised on in order to make wise choices in life and be a blessing to others. However, (you were waiting for that, right?) even though these proverbs were written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and by a man we are told in God's Word was the wisest man ever to live (King Solomon) - both before or after his reign (1 Kings 3:12 & 4:29-34), still we heard (on the criteria of self-discipline) that in those days they didn't know about ADD! Imagine that.

Bob says they did know about butt whapping though. Maybe this is the difference. Fewer labels and drugs and more consequences, both logical and natural.

As an addendum to that last muse, there is a related interesting article on The Seventh Sola by Joel Griffith.


  1. I love that picture of sky and papaya leaves.That is funny about the 666 motion.Do you think it is interesting because it could refer to the "religious spirit" of the Church of England or the "spirit of the anti christ" in the country?

  2. Thanks. And, regarding the Cal Thomas article, I would say it's the same spirit.