Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Not Martha

Kealani is perfecting her dive - seriously working on it.

My daughter, Sunny, recently did a terrific post on her blog about Feminism and the Christian woman, but I really must waive the "Martha Stewart" attribution. If I preserve stuff, it's usually so produce doesn't get wasted, i.e. jams, chutney, pickles, wine, etc. I did make clothing, for a time, but only because of necessity. I don't really enjoy sewing. My windows need cleaning at this moment. Would rather study ancient history or blog......art, when I'm in the mood. Actually, it's her sister, Mary, I'd rather be like. Sitting at Jesus' feet and soaking it in.

But, on the subject of Martha, I do think she is a fine example of feminine entrepreneurship - a sort of secular Proverbs 31 woman. She is encouraging to many, who want their homemaking to be creative, more of an art form. To do it really well, as unto the Lord. And, maybe even have a home-based career while home-schooling or just being there for their kids. Wow! Is that a worthwhile goal?

I know there are people who are trapped at the moment and not able to make that choice, but God IS able and he can and does change circumstances. The Christian faith is just that, FAITH. Believing what looks impossible. Seeing what is not always obvious or understandable, but trusting in God and in his goodness - his character. Be encouraged.

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