Tuesday, August 19, 2008


No dissing in this group
As I read my proverbs for the day (Prov. 6:12-15) it certainly seemed to apply to a family member of mine and our recent unpleasant and ongoing dramas:
"Who plots evil with deceit in her heart - she always stirs up dissension."
A person who's going to my parents and 'dissing' everyone else in the family. Maybe that's where the word has its roots - dissension (the noun) = dissing (the verb) speaking bad about in order to discredit, dishonor and cause disapproval, leading, they may hope to disinheritance?

And this was just before heading into town for an appointment with our attorney to see what might be done. Nothing much apparently - it's a human sin problem. Older people, when in a weakened state, both physically and mentally, are something like wounded critters out in the wild. Somehow the vultures are able to sense their vulnerability and to hone in. They can be and, as per the attorney, are frequently taken advantage of by caregivers, family members, even the good old handyman - anyone without a fear of God, and willing to lie to get what they want, whether it is for power or money or both.

However, God is in control and we need to keep on trusting him and remembering that. In the very next verse, I may be insensitive, but it is encouraging:
"Therefore disaster will overtake her in an instant; she will be suddenly destroyed - without remedy."
And, in the next set of verses, we are told that two of the seven things "the Lord hates, that are detestable to him" are:
"A false witness who pours out lies and a man who stirs up dissension among brothers "
(and sisters and grandkids). There we go with the dissing again. God hates it and deals with it. In fact, he has been, so far, in some very amazing ways. When this is all over and done, perhaps I'll blog the full report. Suffice it to say though that he cares and does intervene. Praise God!


  1. Can you believe this morning?sheesh!

  2. Exhausting! Last night Jesse goes "wow, she was just full of energy"
    We go home with our tongues hanging out...for God to show us ourselves in this. What could I have done differently? Hmm? I guess it makes it easier for someone who doesn't have that job of self reflection huh?!!

  3. My stomach is still upset. But, though I wasn't enough in the Spirit and praying in the midst of it,unable in other words, He is always able.