Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Life Labels

Practicing to be a princess?
Reading in I Kings this morning I was struck by how certain people are referred to. There is mention of "Ahijah the prophet of Shiloh"; a "Shemaiah the man of God" is mentioned; and I Kings 13 tells the story of a fellow known only as "a man of God" - even later when King Josiah, as predicted, came across his bones, the man is still referred to as "the man of God who foretold these things." In the whole story that is the only name given him. What are we primarily known as or for?

Jesus (means Jehovah saves) was known as The Messiah (Christ), it became part of his name. John the Baptist was also known as a prophet. The role we play or what we do identifies us. A woman or man of God then, as a life identifier, is not a shabby goal. Some, after their death, will be known as maybe a famous bestselling author, the T.V. news reporter, a mother of four, nuclear scientist, inventor of electricity, Pope, president of a country, actress, realtor or insurance salesman. All very nice, but not what we should want to be primarily remembered as. Not the highest level of success in any field. God doesn't look at success in the same way the world does. What will be my main label or yours?

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  1. Gideon thought of himself as a wimp, but God called him a mighty man of valor. You ever wonder what GOD calls us?